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Enter to Win an IMAX GODZILLA Poster!

Hey all, Jon @ UnCanny here with a neat little contest!

1897700_10152129011556633_2450410776103630639_nIf you’re excited for the upcoming Blu-Ray DVD release of Legendary’s GODZILLA (and if you’re on this site, lets face it – you are excited) – Why not enter yourself for a chance to win a sweet official 13×19 Imax GODZILLA poster to accompany your DVD/BR?

All you have to do is Like our Facebook Page and you are automatically entered to win a FREE poster! If we get up to 1,000 likes, we’ll give away two posters and a few other surprises! Spread the word, the more people that like our Facebook page, the better your chances are at getting a poster!

Click one of the links above, the button to the right, or the image in this article and you’ll be taken to Skreeonk’s official Facebook Page! Good luck to all and we’ll keep you updated!


Jon @ UnCanny

Via August Ragone – Universal to Release Toho Kong Films on Blu Ray!

KKE 1967 Poster Jon 1Did I tell yah, or did I not tell yah?

Hot off the heels of Kraken announcing their three Godzilla Blu Ray releases for the summer, Universal has announced that they will be following suit with Blu Ray releases for King Kong vs Godzilla and King Kong Escapes! Word has been a’swirlin’ within the fandom that these two classic Kaiju romps would see a release from Universal in anticipation of Goji’s Big 60th and Legendary’s upcoming film, and here we are. Universal holds the rights to King Kong (quite fiercely) and has thankfully struck another deal to release his Toho outings once more. A few years back the same was accomplished for their two anticipated DVD releases of the same titles. The KKE DVD is of excellent quality – so here’s to hoping the Blu Ray ups the antie once more!

Here’s the full scoop vial Kaiju Guru August Ragone!

MIGHTY KONG! MIGHTY GODZILLA! Over the last day, rumors were swirling on various Home Video and Horror Film forums that Universal Studios Home Entertainment would be issuing Blu-rays of KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (1963) and KING KONG ESCAPES (1968) as individual releases on April 1, 2014. This has since been confirmed by listings on Amazon.com (thanks to Shawn Francis for the heads up):

KING KONG VS. GODZILLA: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3C1T6G

KING KONG ESCAPES: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3C1T7A

(Meanwhile, the second edition of my book, “Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters,” drops on April 8th!)

Eiji_Tsuburaya_Master_of_MonstersYou can pre-order both films from Amazon today! I just dropped my order before writing this article. And if you have not already, please pick up a copy of August’s book – the incredible Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters. It is an invaluable resource and an all around fantastic read – and the photos! Oh, the photos. 1st edition releases were all hardback (which I highly recommend if you can find it at a decent price – the 1st editions have become collector’s items and skyrocketed in price!) – But this second release sees the addition of a paperback version at half the price! Expect to spend around $25 – which is an excellent deal considering the contents of this book. August is an absolute wealth of connections and knowledge – and has always been kind enough to share it with the rest of the fandom.

The 2nd edition print and paperback drops April 8th!

Keep an eye out for even more Blu Ray releases, until then true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

From Sci-Fi Japan: Hedorah, Gigan, and Ebirah to Stomp Blu-Ray Players This Summer!

Real quick here, dudes! I have to point you toward this incredible news just posted by the Kaiju Gurus over at Sci-Fi Japan!


What started out as just fan rumblings has begun to truly come to life – It really is shaping up to be the Year of GODZILLA! Kraken Releasing is bringing us three of Goji’s most fantastical Showa outings on Blu-Ray, and I could not be more excited. The three titles selected are some of the most unique and enjoyable to watch from the entire series:

- Ebirah: Horror of the Deep (1966)

- Godzilla vs Hedorah (1971)

- Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

(click titles above to view our reviews/summaries of each title!)

I’m late to the game, but have been slowly collecting Blu-Rays since I received a player for Christmas this past year – and its been quite enjoyable! So far, both the original classic Gojira (1954) and Godzilla vs Biollante (1989) are available on Blu Ray here for Region 1 players (Us, UK, etc) – and I cannot wait to add these three classics to my collection! Stay tuned for distributing information, etc and make sure to read the entire article HERE at Sci Fi Japan or click their photo above to travel on thru!

Jon @ UnCanny

Media Blasters Megalon Special Features Disaster and a Monsterarts King Kong!

Good day, Kaiju Fandom. Jon @ UnCanny here – and oh, where to start.

In the “what the hell just happened?” section of todays news – we have the recent, and long awaited, Media Blaster’s Godzilla vs Megalon DVD release. To cut straight to the chase, it seems that the release is as inconsistent as a DVD release could possibly be. The discs, as it seems, are randomly scattered and fall into two categories – ones with Special Features – and good ol’ Barebones discs. How do you tell the difference, you ask? Well, the easiest answer would be, obviously, to pop in your copy and see what menu items come up on the main display screen. If you have a “Golden Ticket” as kaiju collecting guru Greg Cordaro calls it, it’ll look like this (and feature 100% more content than the bare bones):

(photos courtesy of Greg Cordaro of the Godzilla Collector’s Group.)

According to DVD News Flash on Facebook, there are subtle differences between the discs themselves, but not the outer packaging. Aside from the color pallete, I dont see much difference. Either way, its impossible to tell until the case is bought and opened. Convenient, yes?

(Photo courtesy of DVD News Flash at their Facebook page.)

Moving on! In the “This could have been really exciting but isn’t” category, Bandai’s S.H Monsterarts line has revealed their new “Western Monster” addition to the line up. Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you the Eighth Wonder of the World… KING KO… wait, what?

…Oh…Oh its Peter Jackson’s Kong. Not the original 1933 masterpiece incarnation… not the goofy yet endearing Toho Kong(s)… but the 2005 Weta digital Andy Serkis version. Am I being cynical? Oh, absolutely. I freakin’ LOVE PJ’s retelling of the classic tale. Its immensely impressive and entertaining. But is it the third choice I would have for a King Kong action figure? You betcha. I would have loved to see SHMA tackle the original, or a Japanese counterpart, but instead we are treated to the one version of the character that gives us… a highly articulated silverback gorilla.

Take that for what you will, and expect more news soon. Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny


Shout! Factory to Release ULTRASEVEN on Region 1 DVD!

Hello all, Jon @ UnCanny here with some damn good news! Lets jump straight to the meat, shall we!?

From Keith Aiken:

“We’ve received some emails asking about the Amazon.com listing for an ULTRA SEVEN Complete Series DVD set from Shout! Factory. This set is a real release and is scheduled for December. It is licensed from UM Inc., a Japanese company affiliated with the Thai company, Chaiyo, who has been in a legal dispute with Tsuburaya Pro over the rights to some of the early Ultra series. The legal battles have been fought in multiple countries with Tsuburaya winning in court… except in Japan. This has allowed Chaiyo/UM to license ULTRA SEVEN for DVD in America. The good news is that this series will finally get released on DVD and, knowing Shout, they’ll do a great job with the materials they were given. The downside is Tsuburaya is not involved, no one who made ULTRA SEVEN is involved, and Shout will not have access to any of the original TPC materials from this show. I wish this was a fully authorized Tsuburaya release but that won’t happen until TPC chooses to fight Chaiyo/UM’s efforts in the US and deal directly with American distributors themselves.”


I personally can’t wait to own this, and finally finish the series! Pre-order yours on Amazon today – the set ships in December 2012!

Jon @ UnCanny

X-Plus Tackles ‘Destroy All Monsters’ With Their 25cm Line! Media Blasters Godzilla vs Megalon IS HERE!

Good day, all! Jon @ UnCanny here.

At this point in time we are all at least somewhat familiar with the troubled tale of Media Blaster’s Godzilla vs Megalon DVD release. It hath been a long and irksome venture for the boyos over at MB – but their time has come! Amazon.com has backed the August 14th release date as officially official! More importantly, our fandom now has proof of the product itself. The following photo is courtesy of Keith Aiken, and was shared with us crazy collectors in the GCG on good ol’ Facebook:


Kaiju Master Artist and all-around fan favorite fandom painter Bob Eggleton had this to say on Media Blaster’s troubled release:

It’s for real. It is also the best we are going to get due to the massive hold ups on any “extras”. But that said, this has the full movie, in both Japanese and the International English dub which many of us have known over the years. MB just wanted to get the ball rolling with a product.

Media Blaster’s release has stumbled for over a year now, mostly due to rights claims over special features and behind the scenes contents. Toho is incredibly strict with their properties, and makes sure they get every dime for anything that is released to the public. If Media Blasters wants the entire package, Toho will make sure they pay for it.Yet as Mr. Eggleton says, we are 100% seeing a release, and with both the international/English and Japanese versions intact! That is something to celebrate in itself!

ScifiJapan also has an exclusive look at the full cover art for Media Blaster’s Godzilla vs Megalon release. I must say, it is indeed as good as it gets:

The above DVD art was released exclusively with SciFiJapan - so a huge thank you to the amazing guys over at that site!

The above DVD art was released exclusively with SciFiJapan – so a huge thank you to the amazing guys over at that site!

….I haven’t forgotten the first headline!

Previewed in my last article, X-Plus is releasing some incredible sculpts this year. Titanosaurus is gorgeous, and we also have some superb looking Destroy All Monsters Godzilla and Anguirus 25cm sculpts headed our way. Well, here’s the latest…

A new 25cm DAM Gorosaurus Sculpt is on the way! I am loving the pose! The Minya above is apparently an exclusive with the 25cm Godzilla when ordered from a specific site. More details on that as they become available.

Now, of course, this raises the question… what other DAM monsters will we see in scale? Rodan? Mothra Larva? Kumonga? And dare I dream it… Ghidorah!? Only time will tell!

The Media Blasters’ Godzilla vs Megalon is available for preorder over at Amazon.com – Make sure to purchase yours and support all of the effort they’ve put into this gift of a release.

Until next time, True Believers!


Jon @ UnCanny

Echo Bridge’s Godzilla vs Biollante Region 1 DVD Is Shaping Up Nicely!

Greetings, all! Jon @ UnCanny here.

A very generous and eager employee of Echo Bridge has joined the Toho Kingdom Forums fray! The kind soul, known as MXG744,  first released the draft-cover for their new release of GvsBio in conjunction with Miramax. We broke the art a few days ago, but now I’ve received personal permission to keep the art up. Here it is! Check the rest of the article below the cover for some excellent excerpts from MXG744 on the release!

Echo Bridge’s DVD department has quite a bit of experience in “fandom” entertainment, having released many Asylum titles, among other sci-fi and horror films (etc). The cover art above has received several comparisons to Asylum DVD cover art, which now makes sense. Some of the same fans making these comparisons over at Toho Kingdom have spoken out to MXG744, and here’s what he had to say on the matter:
I actually sent almost all of you guys’ art related comments on to our marketing and art design team, maybe they can do something with it. What would you say if we offered a printable alternate cover like a few video games in the past have done?
Sounds pretty sweet, eh? He also had this to add:
Also, I just got two approvals this morning. It looks like we have the OK from Toho for us to use some of the bonus features from their BD release. And I got the approval to work with Ed G on some supplemental bonus features from my bosses as well. So now I just have to figure out English subtitles and how much we can fit on the disc.
Special features? Check. Ed Godizewski’s involvement? Check! This release seems to be shaping up nicely! And we can thank Mr. MXG744 specifically. Apparently, Echo Bridge almost released a very sub-par version of GvsBio a year ago:
I am currently managing the authoring of just over 100 DVDs and BDs mixed. That number is in fluctuation all the time and is odd to consider really. When I started this position in 2005, I only managed the authoring of around 500 discs up through 2007 when I moved on to some other duties for a few years. Now we are regularly authoring 30+ per month and have big upswings like right now every 6 months. In just the last 10 months we have authored 800+ discs!So, yeah, GvB is very special. There are a lot of films and discs that don’t even get a second thought about them here. We just churn them out and no one thinks about it. I’m truly excited and happy that I convinced my bosses to stop the release last year. I don’t think I ever told anyone on this site, but we were sooooo close to releasing the DVD last year with audio that I think sounds worse than any previous release, and the video wasn’t much better. Everyone just thought we got a master for the film, so it must be good. Somehow though, in some strange moment of G-inspiration, I just said no. I told them its unacceptable and unfixable. Now here we are, well over a year later and the master is close to acceptable and we are looking forward to a release both we and the fans can be proud of, hopefully!

And for that, we all thank you Good Sir!
With the release of GvsBio – only Godzilla 1985 stands unreleased on a Region 1 DVD. This is the icing on the cake:
…No one has released Godzilla 1985 on DVD in the US before, so maybe I can convince our acquisitions team to look into that if this release does well.
That would be fantastic, indeed! Lets support our fandom and these future releases by purchasing Echo Bridge’s Godzilla vs Biollante DVD/BluRay, yes? I know I will be!
MXG744 has discussed the possibility of some GvsBio exclusives here on Skreeonk.com, so stay tuned for more news! Until then ,True Believers!
Jon @ UnCanny