The title says it all. This week’s KFN’s Top Five brings with it a batch of peculiarly hilarious pictures, all of which hail from different corners of our often ridiculous fandom. UPDATE: I’ve added the top captions for the following photos below – all submitted by the every witty KFN members over at!

#5: I dont know whats more terrifying – seeing the Larvae in this size scale, or that guy’s expression in the bottom right… This behind the scenes pic from Rebirth of Mothra III is ripe for a caption.

“See these Mothra larvae? They’re twins, and they love each other very much. And if you don’t go see our new movie, we’ll kill one. That’s right, JUST one.” – The Real McCoy

This is MY Mothra. I named her Squiggles.” – Godzilla 2000

“…I Am Heavy weapons guy…And this..Is my Mothra..” –  Dynomy84

“For less than ten cents a day, you can help support Larv-Aid and its mission of charity…” – Cimmerian Dragon

“Though it was blatantly obvious they were adopted into the family, the Hondas never excluded the Mothra Larvas from family photos” – Yaburu


#4: Now this one will catch you off guard. If your initial response to this photo was “Awww, they’re wrestling!” … I envy your clean slate of a brain…

“What you did there…Gamera sees it.” – Cimmerian Dragon

“May I have this dance?” – Godzilla 2000

“Honey, I don’t care what your parents say…I can’t live without you…” – The Real McCoy

“No more Tentacle hentai for YOU bub!” – Dynomy84

“I dance with yo ass cause I have to” – Sydney Aradi


#3: Here we have the legendary Raymond Burr in the US release of Gojira, aka Godzilla: King of the Monsters. He appears to have reachhed the mile high club allll byyy himself…

“Gee, I hope no one noticed my erection…” – Hayes A. Jones

“Exactly how far do you want that camera shoved up your ass, George?” – Cimmerian Dragon

“Uh oh. That bean burrito just kicked in.” – Godzilla 2000

“Haven’t felt this awful since I saw that Ronald Reagan film.” – VanprisArachne

“Me Gusta” – Yaburu


#2: This picture is hilarious. Poor Pygmon lost his balloon…

Its not a tumor.” – Godzilla 2000

“Mommy…the bubblegum’s in my hair again!” – Cimmerian Dragon

“What the f*** are you looking at?” – Kikomia

“Pygmon is not amused…” – The Real McCoy

“Cannot unsee…Cannot unsee..Cannot- Wait, what’s behind me?!” – Dynomy 84


#1: Aaaaand the KFN’s Number One Picture That Needs a Caption Is…. Akihiko Hirata’a Mighty Balls!

“Like Kong’s, they were.” – Jon @ UnCanny

“What, you want a medal?” – The Real McCoy

“Freeze! Drop the invisible sub sandwhich!” – Tyler

“Have any of you seen Yaburu’s balls? They’re this big!” – Cimmerian Dragon

Aaaand the winner is TitanoGoji16‘s:

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for the next round of KFN’s Top Five Pictures That Need Captions!

– Jon @ UnCanny

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