A member over at the Tohokingdom forums, Cimmerian Dragon, whipped up this manip of everyone’s favorite B.A. Kaiju, Anguirus. And may I say – it is the perfect Quick Pic of the day!

Here’s a lovely little quip from the creator regarding his awesome creation:

That is the man, the monster, the myth…ANGUIRUS.

He makes women want him and men want to be women. He’s the guy sipping a Ballantine in the pitch-black corner of the bar, with nothing but the glow of his cigarette (and the flashing eyes of the dame on his lap) to give him away. He’s that dude driving the ’59 Impala along the coast, wearing his Wayfarer shades at midnight. You might not notice him right away, he likes to keep a low profile. But when the shit starts to go down…he’s the guy that’s gonna beat you down.

Big props to Cimmerian Dragon for an awesome contribution to the fandom. Until next time, True Believers!


– Jon @ UnCanny

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