I called this one from a mile away about a month ago. Bandai’s new S.H. Monster Art’s series will, so far, only be showcasing Heisei kaiju. Imagine that.

My cynicism aside – the figures are gorgeous. Check out these brand new photos, courtesy of Greg Cordaro over at the Facebook Godzilla Collector’s Group:

Pretty amazing, yeah? So far, we have Fire Rodan, King Ghidorah, Space Godzilla, Godzilla ’94, MechaGodzilla, Mogera, Little Godzilla, and an incredible second-form Destoroyah (Destroyah… Destroyer, whatever you call him). A Burning Godzilla sculpt has also been spotted  – so expect that figure to hit sometime next year as well. Again, Huge thanks goes out to Greg Cordaro! Until next time,

Jon @ UnCanny

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