Alright guys – Tired of eBay taking 10% of the cheese you’re making selling Kaiju goodies? Me too. Well the time is here – Get excited. is hitting you with the Kaiju Fandom’s very own Marketplace – The KAIJU FAN MARKETPLACE!



List your stuff on KFM Absolutely Free!

I’m looking to create a site that panders directly to our fandom – a Kaiju marketplace full of the collectibles we love so very much – and all the buying and selling is done by other fans like us!

If anyone is interested in selling some of their personal collection, let me know – We get well over 500 views a day, and the site is growing fast. I’m constantly looking for new ways to expand the site, and what better way then helping out the fandom? If you’re interested, give me a shout! Shoot me an email at if you’ve got some stuff to sell, or comment on the site here! Click on the awesome graphic to the right or above to visit the Marketplace!


Until next time,


Jon @ UnCanny

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