Straight from the TokuNation forums, we have some excellent pictures of Bandai Creation’s 2012 Godzilla based releases!

Whats interesting here is the reveal of a brand new SD (super deformed) figure in the series – a Godzilla 1954 has surfaced! As far as I know, these are the first images of this figure (far right in the second photo). Also, we seem to be getting quite a few more translucent variants as well, which is great news to me! These images are the first of a brand new translucent Burning Godzilla and Godzilla 2000 that I’ve seen. These two reveals will be joining a translucent Showa MechaGodzilla, Godzilla ’68, and Showa Gigan.

All of these figures are scheduled for a March 2012 release (next month), and will hit national retailers (such a Toys R Us) within the following weeks. Earlier today, I had a chat with renowned science-fiction/fantasy artist and all around hero to Godzilla Fans everywhere – Bob Eggleton. He had this to say about the new line of US Bandai figures:

Those weird SDs look interesting and unusual. Apparently, some of their new “translucent” vinyls debut next month in TRU and Diamond- the 1968 but a repaint and, another cast in green translucent vinyl with paint. Same seems to be with MG 74, Miregoji and Godzilla ’95 in these shots (referring to the pictures shown on

If what Bob says is true (which I’m sure it is), we can expect even more new variants to be revealed next month, such as a translucent green Godzilla 1968. I’m really digging these variants – they seem like a true effort by Bandai to reach out to experienced collectors here in the states. Let’s hope that is so! For now, click the pictures below to be taken to extensive galleries over at their forums:

Pictures are continuing to arrive from our team on location at the 2012 Toy Fair event in New York City. Just becauseBandai now has the MonsterArts line, doesn’t mean that the vinyl line is being put to rest. Bandai is showcasing more offerings in this line at the 2012 Toy Fair. (post by Sentai Tamashii)

And just because I love you guys, here are some isolated shots of the new reveals:

Be sure to check the TokuNation forums for more – and a huge thanks goes out to them for these photos! Until next time,

Jon @ UnCanny

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