Check this out, guys. I’m still not completely sold on this series by Bandai, but this is an excellent SDCC exclusive they’re offering:

From Toyfreakz,

Bandai/Tamashii has a big surprise in the works for all you Godzilla fans attending this years San Diego Comic Convention. One of the exclusive offerings at the Bluefin booth will be this hotly anticipated S.H. Monsterarts-Burning Godzilla! This radioactive meltdown monster has long been a fan favorite and is sure to be a big hit at the show!

More info as it becomes available!

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. What are your reservations about the series? I thought I would read a lot of feedback from my groups when the figures came in, but all I’ve seen are Amazon reviews on the Godzilla figure. I’m hoping they’re selling well here and abroad.

    • The fandom is abuzz about the series as a whole, thats for sure! The series is selling well, as expected – but the figures are simply over priced, and it’s keeping the series from spreading beyond collectors and teens with expendable income. My reservations spawn directly from that, and the decision to keep the opening line grounded in Kawakita’s work. As of now, only his Heisei designs will feature in the series. I’m hoping for an expansion beyond that sometime in the future!

  2. Do you feel the Revoltech line is too expensive? Do you have any insight as to whether their Toho line was a success? They’re still producing the Gamera figures, so I assume those sales are satisfactory.

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