Greetings fellow fans, Jon here.

Something completely unexpected has happened in the realm of X-Plus on this very fine day. They’ve released pre-orders for their first Non-Godzilla Millenium Kaiju ever… and its Kiryu!

Besides GMXG Godzilla and GMK Goji, Kiryu is the only millenium Kaiju to receive the X-Plus treatment. I must say, they chose well. Kiryu is one of the few good things about that era of Kaiju films. Well, him and GMK. I’m a GMK fan all the way!

A long with Kiryu, they’ve just posted pre-orders for Mothra, Giant Redking, and several others. Click the image to be taken to the full site (in Japanese, of course):

If you’re having trouble, use Google Chrome and have the page translated! Until next time, True Believers!

Jon @ UnCanny 

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