UPDATE: I want to go ahead and mention this to get it out of the way – The new wave of Bandai US 6″ figures, or the “Fusion” line, is now hitting shelves! I’ll be taking a trip to my local Toys R Us today to see what I can find. Now, back to the article…

Speculation has been a-blaze the past month, with the fandom scrambling in anticipation for the S.H. Monsterarts Heisei King Ghidorah’s release. According to a fan over at the Club Tokyo forums, the figure is set for a SEPTEMBER 2012 RELEASE at a price of $125 USD! That may seem steep… but just get a load of this guy:

He’s gigantic! Unlike most of their previous releases, Bandai did not skip out in the scale department with Ghidorah. He will be worth the $125 if you’re into these sort of figures. Here’s a better shot scale-wise:

Look at that – he completely dwarves Godzilla and Rodan! Good stuff, right there. And I must say, those wings are gorgeous. In regards to his release and date, Poeghostal had this to say:

UPDATE: King Ghidorah will be released in September 2012 with a price of 10290 yen (about $125).

Poe Ghostal has now posted a display/place card as well, showing the exact release date and price for Ghiodrah:

Thats 10,290 Yen, which sits right at 124.8630 US Dollars (USD). Looks like the initial amount of $125 was right on the nose! And this, of course, confirms the September release as well.

Now for the excellent Ultra Act Red King! The series will also be releasing a slick looking Ultraman Max, but there is no word on price or when these two will be released. From Toku Anime News:

The more info we get, the more we’ll post! And start checking your local toy stores for the 2012 line of 6″ figures from Bandai US! Until next time, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

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