Happy Tuesday, All! Jon @ UnCanny here.

The net has been abuzz with several new releases recently. And before I forget, let me mention two things that will not be heavily featured in this article:

  • X-Plus has announced that they will be sculpting a new Titanosaurus statue. More info as it becomes available!
  • Bandai has, indeed, finally released a 6″ scale Earthtron vinyl. AmiAmi broke the news a few days ago on their facebook page.

The figure will be released on October 8th for right around $20. With an excellent sculpt, great price, and superb paint job, this figure has shot to the top of most kaiju fan’s wanted list for this year.

Outside of that excellent figure, we have several other things to get excited about as well. 2012 still brings the anticipated release of the S.H. Monsterarts Little Godzilla, Fire Rodan, and Ghidorah, as well all know.

Y-MSF also has plans to release a flying Hedorah figure this year. A recent development has revealed Y-MSF’s next release for the latter part of this year – a ’68 Rodan sculpt in the 6″ scale! Apparently, the decision came down to the wire – and the choices were ’68 Rodan, or Ebirah. Y-MSF’s sculptor and sole benefactor, Mr. Kawakami, sought the council of fans to make the final choice. One such fan has come forward on the Toho Kingdom forums, stating that his information comes from Kawakami himself (through Facebook exchanges). He had the following to say:

I am the guy who picked Rodan over Ebirah and I have perfectly goood reasons for doing so.

1. The Ebirah Sculpt is not even finished.
2. Rodan has a “flying mode” which seems like something that is pretty damn cool. IMHO
3. I still think he should work on the sculpt a little because it is not even ready for a proper release.

Much more recently (today, in fact), the TK Member, going by the name of 62JackC, had this to say as well:

I mainly came to talk about a few updates for Y-MSF.

Y-MSF Zone Fighter will actually be free…with any purchase of Y-MSF Titanosaurus which will be made after Caesar. The thing about Titanosaurus is he will have an opened tail and a closed tail. While Caesar will have two sets of ears. One set with the tip of the ears in a downward position and one set with them pointing up then after Titanosaurus is sculpted Ghidrah 1964 is next. If you’re skeptical of my information. I get it from Mr. Kawakami himself.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, please. This comes in no way from a tested source. Only time will tell, but this is interesting stuff, indeed! And in case anyone missed the older photo of Mr. Kawakami’s King Caesar sculpt, you can see the work in progress HERE. I believe the images of the Y-MSF Zone Fighter are old and scarce as well, but I still have a few in the database. Here’s one, just in case:

Speaking of – Zone Fighter is set to be released in highly articulated form, and will reportedly be mostly in scale with the Ultra Act figures – somewhere between six and seven inches!

And last but not least, Kaiju No Mura has slowly revealed the progress on an amazing Final Wars Gigan sculpt over the past few weeks. The incredibly detailed and fiercely posed Gigan will be released by none other than HONEY BONES. Be sure to thank Kaiju No Mura for the following images and info!

Here is [the] Maeda-san Final Wars Gigan resin kit. Price 40,000 yen. Planned release is on July 29 for the 2012 Summer Wonder Festival Japan.

Kaiju No Mura also had this Legion kit to show us:

Legion. Art Spirits originally previewed the full kit sculpted by Maeda-san awhile ago which I posted pictures for months back. These are preview pictures on clear resin. Still no release date.











Whew, that ended up being a lot more information than I thought! Take care everyone, and keep an eye out for more news!

Jon @ UnCanny

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