Its no secret here on that I am, in fact, a huge fan of Max Toy Company’s Kaiju Kitty Negora. To me, this is extremely odd. I’m a dog person. I have a huge Pyranese mix named Obi (wan, of course) – and dont care much for house cats in any manner – besides growing up with them. These figures, however, speak to me. I love the design. Its almost as if MTC took Godzilla’s very minimal feline qualities and enhanced them… until Kaiju Kitty Negora was born! I am now noticing a “king” tagline for the first time as well – I dig it! Kaiju Kitty King Negora, what a title!

As always, a huge thanks goes out to Kaiju No Mura for the following updates and photos – you’da’man! Enjoy!



King Negora. Both painted by Matt Walker of Dead Presidents. STGCC Exclusives. September 1, 2012 release.

King Negora. Medicom Exclusive. Price 9,450 yen. October 7, 2012 release.

King Negora. Hyper Hobby Exclusive. Price 10,000 yen. November 2012 release.



2-Headed Bemon Giant. Limited edition of 20. August 28, 2012 release.


Jon @ UnCanny

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