I am simply posting this out of principle – Every single person who is interested enough to even fathom the existence of this highly-articulated bombshell…. well, they already know it exists. And that was entirely too wordy.

Regargles, BOOM. Here she blows.

That is going to be one enormous box. So big, in fact, that it requires a word that I’m about to make up…. Eganstronormicus.

I’m using the photo above simply because it does the sculpt justice – more so than others circulating. Initial reactions to said sculpt have been mixed. The detail is, as to expect from this line, incredible. This is going to be an absolutely spectacular figure to behold in person. It is not, however… the best it could be. The neck is a tad thin and rather elongated – and where is her lower back’s portion of atomic plant-animal-matter spines? A chunk seems to be missing. Other than that, the detail in the stomach/chest area is a K.O. – and we better see someone put an LED all up in that.

Biollante looks to be every bit as enormous as she should be in this scale, and we can only hope for vines that are more durable than Ghidorah’s wings. Oh, and this:

Courtesy of my good friend Jim Sullivan. You’re welcome. As always, more news as it becomes available!

Jon @ UnCanny


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