Skip the intros, ladies – its straight to business!

2013 is looking to be a damn good year for us as collectors. With the world ramping up to Legendary’s eventual GODZILLA reboot, Bandai is pulling out all the stops with each and every one of their toy lines!

Today began with photo reveals of S.H. Monsterarts going Showa – and as the title suggests, We’re getting an incredibly detailed, highly articulated Godzilla 1964! I honestly never thought we’d see the day. Check this gorgeous guy out:



After a bit of a dryspell for Bandai’s USA Creation line, they’ve pulled out all the stops in what looks like a ton of new and unique products. Bandai’s US line will be giving us brand new sculpts of everyone from Baby Godzilla to King Ghidorah  – but most excitingly, just LOOK at that new King Caesar sculpt! Its absolutely fantasmic! Check out all of the 2013 Toy Fair Photos below for all the incredible new products we will be getting here in the US of A!





Check the original article HERE for plenty more pics of the exclusive line of Bandai USA toys. Its a great time to be a fan – I’ll be buying every single one of these! More info as it becomes available,


Jon @ UnCanny

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