Greetings once again, Jon @ UnCanny here!

Tamashii-Godzilla-1964-Banner-Image-300x170This is, indeed, the moment so many of us have been waiting for. With the Heisei well a good 75% depleted, Bandai has plans to take their S.H. Monsterarts back in time – and get all Showa on our asses!

With the announcement of pre-orders for their excellently sculpted MosuGoji Godzilla 1964 sculpt today, I’ve received word from a 100% reliable inside source that Tamashii/Bandai plans to continue after MosuGoji with a Showa series of sculpts! Tamashii also announced their plans through dealers – Here’s a current statement over at ToyFreakz blog:

Here it is-the monster you have been waiting for! Tamashii is kicking off the Shōwa era of figures with this beautifully rendered Godzilla 1964. The sculpt looks fantastic and of course he is fully articulated! This one also features Tamashii’s all new body/shaft design that allows for even greater possibility, with more natural proportions. Available for pre order now $59.99!

421531_559186777433825_335206638_nToyFreaks, by the by, comes highly recommended. Travel to their site HERE to pre-order this bad boy, who is scheduled for a July/August Summer release!

MosuGoji is assembled/designed with a new set of joints and articulation – a configuration that will supposedly lead to much more natural and dynamic posing. The sculpt is rather excellent, especially with the textured grooving of the scales – this bad boy really stands out. Such an excellently crafted figure makes me immediately want for some other Showa beasts that the previous Kaiyodo Revoltech line didn’t get to. I’d absolutely love to see a King Caesar or Showa Mechagodzilla done in this style – or even some more obscure kaiju such as Varan or Gorosaurus.

But if we get a Megalon, Jet Jaguar, or Titanosaurus… I’ll probably lose my mind. That, to me, is how exciting this prospect may become!

I’ll leave you guys with a gallery of the upcoming S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla 1964! And trust me, I’ve already got mine pre-ordered. Until next time, True Believers!

(All photos courtesy of Tamashii/Bluefin’s Facebook page!)

Jon @ UnCanny

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