Happy Thursday to you, Jon @ UnCanny here!

First up, LEGENDARY managed to sneak this excellent behind the scenes shot of their upcoming GODZILLA film onto Facebook today – it has been added to our LEGENDARY’s GODZILLA page above! Keep checking back with that page for nothing but facts and photos from the production – We won’t be spoiling it with rumors or fan art of any kind. Refreshing, yes? Here’s the photo, I really dig it. As always, you can click on any photos we include in articles to make them bigger:


Secondly – Kaijucast hit Facebook earlier today with a spread/scan from ‘Previews’ magazine – a supplier of comic book stores – that includes quite a bit of Godzilla goodness! The edges of the spread are filled with cropped images of Toho kaiju, all of which would seem to indicate X-Plus release of these individuals. For now, I’d bet on just the items listed with actual prices being made available in local stores.  Info is scarce at this time, but for now check out the spread and get excited! We’ll keep you updated with any further information.


Until then, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

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