It feels like we’re in the calm after a massive storm… What a crazy week we just had! Regardless, it is an amazing time to be a fan – we all get to pour over Godzilla designs and tons of amazing reveals for the new movie, and after that blows over we still have all sorts of awesome collecting news to catch up on!

First up, we have an excellent KaijuCast Video Transmission! The ever-reliable guys over at KaijuCast scored an excellent interview with Diamond regarding their upcoming stateside X-Plus releases!

If I’m getting this all correctly, Diamond and X-Plus will have new releases every three months over the next few years! Diamond’s first run of exclusive figures will include Mechagodzilla 1974 and Godzilla 1954 – two very mainstream choices. Their second wave gets much more exciting with the release of GMK Goji and… The Gargantuas! Thats right, X-Plus will be officially releasing their Sanda and Gaira sculpts – which have been nearly impossible to track down for collectors all across the globe. Make sure you check out the full video for awesome shots of the vinyls and tons more info. Huge thanks to KaijuCast for an awesome update and interview – you guys rock.

Another great fandom blog, Import Monsters, is always on  top of the S.H. Monsterarts news. They’ve brought some official shots of Bandai’s upcoming SHMA Battra forward, and you can check them out here! The figure is set to release next year. I’m glad they’re giving themselves plenty of time before the release… because, well.. we’re still kind of waiting on Biollantes and MosuGojis… especially MosuGojis. Thats soon, right? Aaaaaaaaanyway – the sculpt looks as we’ve come to expect from Tamashii/Bandai/Bluefin/The other six companies involved – its 100% top notch. With this figure, the SHMA is only missing a Heisei Mothra release to completely round out every kaiju in the Heisei era (not counting the enormous lice in G’84, or all of the individual G suits, of course.) Click on any of the photos in the gallery below to enlarge!



Jon @ UnCanny


  1. I wonder if they will be available online ? Also pricing looked up x plus godzilla on Amazon and the figures they have were in the 300 plus range straight from Japan

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to track all of these down online as well – But sites like Amazon and eBay will always be overpriced when it comes to this type of merchandise. Find some Japanese dealers online, or network on Facebook – best way to get stuff at the right price!


  2. Hey Jon,

    First, I really dig your site its the one of the best kaiju websites around for your constant updates for the new film and all the kool figs and other merch that is to come with it. Couple of questions …are u from nashville TN? I thought that I had read that somwhere but not sure, and also I am excited about these new X-plus american vinyls I had a huntch that they were gonna do that because the fan-base here and Japan was so crazy about the figs, that I figured x plus would have a big chance to get a giant lick off the sugar-cube if they put all those molds to work!! lol, hell I spent 300 apiece for a 30cm Gorosaurus and Rodan 64′ back awhile ago to round up my 30cm collection and I bet they re-release them for 75-150 though my local comic shop (which IS awesum!).(wonder if I should sell em and get the re-releases!??) I think that x-plus will have many more fans of their work if they do all the 30cm line. The Diamond dude in the video said they had 16 releases, so I want my Hedorah,Manda,Gargantuas,Varan,Titanosaurus,Kumonga,For the love of humanity give us a Ghidorah 1964 and 30cm Gigan did x plus make a 30cm Gigan?—-Peace——Sethasarus Rexx

    Sethasaurus Rexx

  3. The new Godzilla movie will release somewhere 2014! I, for one, look forward to that. Godzilla and his insect enemys will be based on the 1954 Godzilla movie. If the story’s will be similair also is uncertain. Marusan will release these awesome kaiju somewhere soon! Godzilla and Megaro!

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