presents the second episode of SKREEONK LIVE! – An in depth professional podcast for the Kaiju fandom covering every topic from films and collecting to comics and music.

Episode two is a retrospective on Godzilla: Final Wars – join Jon @ UnCanny and Sid Lazarus as they they embark on a blast to the past – ripping and tearing through all the bad and some of the good that ended up in Godzilla’s 50th anniversary film. We discuss everything from the updated Kaiju designs to boyband mutants and other… interesting choices made in the movie. Click the poster to listen!

We’ll be hosting interviews for the next episode from now on – if you’re interested please leave a message here, on our Facebook page, or shoot me an email at !

Thanks so much for listening and until next time!

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. WOW. Must agree that the “space monsters vs earth monsters” idea would have been a brilliant story line… The true definition of “Final Wars”. There are good ideas, and then there are movie-worth ideas… great work!

    • Thanks so much for listening, good sir!

      Sid is full of excellent ideas isn’t he? Haha and when we get to discussin’ we just make them even better!

      Hope to hear from you when the third episode hits this week!


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