X-Plus Godzilla 1999 Vinyl Figure.

X-Plus updated their Ric Boy site with news of November releases. And what a month it’s gonna be! A Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1999 (2000) rears his reptilian head to the delight of collectors who have, so far, nothing bad to say about it! (Though a paint job is eagerly awaited). Also available will be the Daiei 30cm Series Gamera 1999. If you have X-Plus’ ’95 and ’96 versions you’ll be glad to know that you’ll soon be able to complete your trilogy!

And out of the blue, we’ve been told that we’re able to get a re-issue of the 30cm Series Hedorah, this time with light-up eyes! If you missed this massive figure the first time around, now’s your chance! This Hedorah has been the tallest X-Plus figure up until the Large Monster Series Gamera foe Viras came along, and he beats Hedorah’s height only by a hair (or a pointy tentacle thing).

Also on the way are a Ric Boy exclusive Ultraman (A-Type) and, in resin, an Ultraman Ace and Red Man.

Visit KaijuAddicts.com for more information and photos.

And don’t dawdle! Pre-orders end soon!

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