Happy Friday, all! Some really exciting things are developing once again here at Skreeonk.

I was contacted today by the Marketing Supervisor of Diamond Select Toys who has some excellent news for us fans. Diamond Select (the US sister company to the Diamond we all pre-order X-Plus items from) will be producing 100% new and original Godzilla items for the Western market! First up is their BioGoji 1989 Godzilla Vinyl Bust Bank! Here are the official specs from Diamond:

GodzillaBank1Here’s the info on our first product, and a picture. More banks to come!

Godzilla 1989 Vinyl Bust Bank
A Diamond Select Release! Is he monster, or hero, or both? This 10-inch bank of the city-destroying and alien-fighting lizard called Godzilla is based on his appearance in the 1989 movie Godzilla vs. Biollante! Cast in sturdy vinyl, the bank features a coin slot in his back, as well as an access door in the base. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #DEC131817, SRP: $23)

He was also kind enough to offer answering any questions I had. We now know that this particular bank will measure in at Ten inches! Here’s what else he had to say:

The bank should be around 10 inches tall, and we’re looking to do more kaiju as bust banks, and possibly some full-body banks, as well.

I do have official confirmation directly from the source that this will become a line of vinyl busts – and more Kaiju are to come! I’m in the middle of discussions with their Marketing Supervisor as I type this,  I should have further information for you guys from the Creative Department very soon.

Stay tuned for much, much more from Diamond Select! Many thanks to this excellent company for the info, and for all they’ve done for our fandom!


Jon @ UnCanny

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