Hey everyone – Happy Monday! Jon @ UnCanny here.

This was most certainly expected to happen at some point, but who thought it would be today? In anticipation of Legendary’s upcoming reboot of the world’s most famous giant monster and his 60th birthday, founding studio TOHO has just released their new website at Godzilla.jp! The site is top-notch – they went all out! Below is a screencap of the home page, click it to visit the new official site. It is, of course, in Japanese – but it should translate automatically for you depending on your browser.


The vibe of the site is fantastic – and the content is starting out pretty strong as well. There is an entire section dedicated to Godzilla’s extensive filmography, and each film’s page is loaded with an official synopsis from Toho as well as rare photos that only they have access to! The site also has an entire section dedicated to the release of official Japanese Godzilla toys. The feed looks to be updated on a regular basis with Bandai products – most notably the S.H. Monsterarts line. There is also a banner for the upcoming film at the bottom of the page which sends you through to the official Japanese movie site, which you can view HERE!

Its an excellent start for a new official site – Simple and vibrant. If you havent seen the photos of the newly announced SHMA Battra and Mothra Larvae set, they’re here too. The entire layout is worth clicking through, so whaddyah’ waiting for?

Jon @ UnCanny


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