NewReview30Godzilla55The latest from John Stanowski over at our partner site Kaiju Addicts is in! Check out his excellent review/photos of the 30cm Godzilla 1955 from Godzilla Raids Again.

A while back, Diamond’s “Previews” magazine teased a US release of not only Goji’55 here, but his Anguirus’55 bretheren as well. John has prepared an excellent review of the original vinyl release from X-Plus in anticipation of the re-release. If you’re still not familiar with his site and have even a tiny desire to start collecting these beauts – I’d go visit the site now. John’s taken the time to photograph each figure meticulously and gorgeously, as well as listing out many helpful hints to get your X-Plus collection started! Click the photo to the left to head to Kaiju Addicts!

Jon @ UnCanny

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