Happy Thursday, fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here, and I’ll skip right to the goodness:


Yahoo has written an entire article to go along with their fantastic reveal – though they’re falling into the old fanboy trope of judging Godzilla’s actual size by what we see in this poster. He will clearly not be this large, though we are in for the most gigantimous of incarnations yet.

Less than THREE MONTHS to go, ladies and gents. Do yah feel it yet!? Oh, I feel it. I feel it alll ovah’.


Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Definitely an incredible poster. If he actually is that big, that would be pretty awesome! Imagine a Godzilla that is over 300 meters? That being said, it would be almost impossible to have a good opponent for him without most of the world being destroyed. I’m definitely hyped for Godzilla to finally get back on the big screen!

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