Earlier this evening Skreeonk’s Facebook page absolutely blew up Burning G style when a live post from G-Fest announced that a new Godzilla movie was coming from Japan.


(Crowd gathers for G-Fest XXI’s opening ceremony and introduction of this year’s incredible special guests)

The announcement was based off a video greeting recorded by Toho writer Wataru Mimura, and then roughly translated by a staff translator into english. The crowd erupted, but with just as much confusion as excitement. Did they really just do that? Did an acclaimed Toho writer really just announce a new G film from the motherland?

Unfortunately, we no longer think so.  After a LOT of networking I think we have all come to the conclusion that all of this fuss was over a mis-translated statement regarding the ‘new’ Legendary Godzilla film.

I wouldn’t rule out a new film from Toho, however. Given the U.S. film’s success here and overseas (estimated for a huge 30-40 million dollar opening in Japan!) It may only be a matter of time before the studio decides to cash in. And who could blame ’em? We could use a good traditional Japanese G film to fill the gap while Edwards works on his upcoming Star Wars spinoff. Only time will tell.

Stick with us, we’ve got a ton of exciting stuff bursting from the seams of G-Fest. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for live updates, and more info as we have it!

Take care fandom, and we will keep you updated as always!

Jon @UnCanny

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