1000091247_7Did we mention it comes with Dorats? Because it does.

Not just one. But all three.

Which, by the way, sums up how I feel about this line in its entirety. Who needs a highly articulated Titanosaurus or GMK Goji when you can have four of the same Godzillas and Dorats? Am’I’riiiiigh’!?

Sorry, I’m done. To their credit, the figure looks absolutely stunning and superbly sculpted – as we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately we’ve also come to expect fragility from these high-priced figures, so we’ll see if they’ve addressed that issue.

Honestly, this figure and its unforgivably stupid little dorat pals hail from one of the very few G-Films I have a genuine distaste for. Its basically just Godzilla vs King Ghidorah…. and FInal Wars, if that tells you anything. Which is should. It should tell you everything.

They did manage to shovel in a pretty neat set of accessories. Besides Dorats, of course. MKG’s super-shocky grappling hooks are included with the boxed product, and as you can see below they look pretty damn cool. Aside from the fact that MKG as a “character” doing absolutely zero for me, you do have to give credit to all of the masterful kaiju designs in this film, and the way that SHMA has delivered them so faithfully. Again, the Dorats killed any hope of the Heisei Era’s KIng Ghidorah rising to the same grandness as his golden showa grandaddy, but I’ll be damned if the suit execution (along with the Big G and MKG here) wasn’t absolutely incredible to behold.

You want to see more, yes? Import Monsters has the full gallery up, which you can view by clicking their name in this sentence, or any of the photos in this article.



Enjoy those Dorats, fandom!

Jon @ UnCanny

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