Our good friend John Stanowski has revealed his review of the Sakai ’89, and its a fantastic write up as always! Even if you don’t plan on picking up this figure,the write up features a ton of excellent images and is worth checking out for these alone!


Here’s an excerpt for yah:

KaijuAddicts-Xplus-Godzilla-1989-BoxTHE BOX

With the new Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection comes a new box design that starkly contrasts the cool, stylized box art that we’re used to.

I’ve heard it described as everything between being the work of an intern to looking like a 70s record album cover. Okay, so it stinks. But, I’m resolved to look at it this way: it looks like a garage kit box. And that’s ‘sort of’ what this is. Right?

The box comes with the usual X-Plus Garage Toy logo in one corner and the Plex logo in another. A new detail here is the inclusion of a Godzilla vs. Biollante logo.

And for those who need to know, the text reads (in kanji and katakana) Toho 30cm Series Sakai Yuji Modelling Collection. It then repeats “Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection” in English, along with “Godzilla 1989″. Then, in kanji: “fourth kind warning system, Osaka Landing”.

Also new: next to the usual Toho Godzilla licensing sticker is another licensing sticker from Sakai’s company, Zokei Kobo. It says “SAKAI YUJI, ZOKEI KOBO”.

Now, on to what’s inside!



To see what is inside, be sure to check out the full review by clicking HERE or any of the images in this article!


Jon @ UnCanny

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