Bandai completely surprised fans with the announcement of a brand new Movie Monster Gaira Vinyl Figure this past Thursday. The famous toy company has yet to produce a larger scale vinyl of either foe from War of the Gargantuas – so this is a treat for kaiju collectors, indeed!

This long-awaited exclusive figure was announced via Bandai’s Japan-Only site, Bandai Premium, with a Gargantuan-pile of promo images:

Gaira will stand just below seven inches tall (18cm tall) and retails for ¥3999, which should come to about $36.09 USD given the current exchange rate (which is in constant flux, so expect this to be slightly different come Gaira’s release). He’ll hit shelves at the Bandai store Fall of 2017, and ships in September.

If you want to get your hands on one, it’s high time to get in contact with a Japanese source – as these won’t be made available to ship outside the U.S. For more on this, visit our friend Rich Eso’s HOW TO page over at FRESH VINYL HQ.

This marvelous surprise vinyl came out of nowhere, and has been kept under wraps for quite sometime now. No sign, however, of a brother Sanda figure to accompany Gaira – yet


Bandai’s prototype for their upcoming 7″ Gaira vinyl, courtesy of

Bandai Premium also announced the vinyl with a fantastic full scroll worthy of the mightiest of Japanese figure releases, which you can gaze upon at the end of this article (below). While the scroll features mostly tag-lines and press material, one very interesting tid-bit stands out; カイジュ・バンガイチ – which translates into Kaiju Bangaichi. Could this possibly be the tagline for a new series of vinyl figures from Bandai? Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

Are you excited for Gaira? Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments below or by joining in on the discussion at our Facebook page!

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Jon D. B.




  1. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this Gaira figure. Especially if his arms are just stuck in that raised position. Even if they can move up and down, I feel like they’d look silly in a downward position.

    I think it looks fine, otherwise. I just think the arm position is a poor choice. Though, I do hope a Sanda will be soon to follow.

    • Hey Christopher! Knowing Bandai, I’m sure they will be articulated at the arms. Also – Sanda has been confirmed – I photographed him at G-Fest this past week!

  2. I see no problem with Gaira’s arms being raised. That’s basically his stance, which he portrays throughout the movie. Gaira in general, always had short arms, that wasn’t proportioned correctly to his body. I think It’s an excellent vinyl kit, what I really don’t like, is the height of Gaira, only being 7 inches. It still would be an excellent kit to add to my collection and paint. These guys are hardly produced but when they are, they’re very pricey & you can’t buy one under $200. But this kit just being $36, that’s not bad..I bet they’ll sell fast. Judging by the dates of the other comments, it’s now 10/28/2017 and was wondering, if this kit is still available & where can I purchase it. If anyone has any information, then please let me know by leaving me a reply.

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