Here we are,’s very first ‘Quick Pic’! In short, the QP’s are daily/weekly pictures doused in either hilarity or rarity. ‘Quick Pic’ will be bringing rare behind the scenes photos to the fandom, or hilarious screen-grabs and fan manipulations. Think of it as a “Picture of the Day” for Kaiju fans! I found this beaut the other day and figured it was an excellent place to start:

Uncredited Artist

Its going to be hard to top this ingenious poster – but I have no doubt that we’ll be able to. Lets just say Godzilla Raids Again is a GOLDMINE.

In future editions of ‘Quick Pic’, we’ll be posting a hilarious picture and asking the KFN (thats you guys, the fandom!) to provide an equally hilarious caption – something I’m personally quite exited for. Take care everyone, and until next time!

– Jon @ UnCanny

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