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Welcome fellow fans! You’ve found your way to SKREEONK! Home of the Kaiju Fan Network. The KFN is an ever-expanding gateway into our beloved fandom, where newcomers and experienced collectors & enthusiasts alike come together to share everything that is Kaiju Eiga! Come join,,, The Kaiju Fan Marketplace, Skreeonk LIVE!, and all of the fandom in following film news, collecting figures, watching classic films, listening to podcasts, discussing anything/everything on our forums – and whatever you’d like. Thats the beauty of the Kaiju Fan Network – there’s something for everyone!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site or an affiliate with and the KFN, please contact Jon at!


The KAIJU FAN NETWORK Consists of the following entities:


       Skreeonk is the home base of the KFN, and each are the brainchild of Jon @ UnCanny. Jon is the sites owner, graphics designer, and content editor. He’s also responsible for Skreeonk’s wildly successful Kaiju Fan Marketplace, as well as the ongoing Skreeonk LIVE! Podcast. Skreeonk is constantly improving, and will be removing several vinyls/collecting pages and sections to make way for a full Kaiju Collector’s Database very soon! Skreeonk took a huge leap forward in August 2013 when Jon’s longtime friend and fellow fan Sid Lazarus jumped on board. Sid is currently an author for the site, as well as Jon’s co-host for the Skreeonk LIVE! podcasts. Be sure to check out Skreeonk’s Facebook page for even more updates in the fandom – and to get even more involved!



       Kaijuphile began as Rodan’s Roost a decade and a half ago, and has proven to be a staple of the fandom ever since. The site’s owner and mastermind Brandon (aka SAURON) is extremely gifted with creative web design, and is constantly improving the site. KP boasts a superb library of kaiju concept art as well as movie reviews, an extensive Kaiju Bios section (which is being overhauled into an incredible new vision), and much more. Jon @ UnCanny has been an administrator and contributor for the site/forums for over a decade now, which have now officially been reborn as the Kaiju Fan Network Forums! Join in on the discussion now!



       Kaiju Addicts is an incredibly sharp and top-notch X-Plus collector’s site run by John Stanowski – an all around great guy and one hell of a photographer. John reviews and captures Kaiju related X-Plus figures like no one else we’ve ever seen, and that is just one of the reasons why we’re enthralled to have him join the Kaiju Fan Network. Whenever a new review or exciting news is available at Kaiju Addicts – expect to see a preview here on written by Mr. Stanowski himself. Make sure and click on their button for all the latest X-Plus reviews, specs, and photos.



    In  January 2012 ushered forth a new age of buying and selling in the Kaiju fandom with the introduction of the Kaiju Fan Marketplace. The KFN is 100% free to use and serves as an exclusive selling/buying/trading grounds where any fan can list items they want to sell – or browse to pick up some new ones. Jon @ UnCanny personally receives, screens, and posts each item – guaranteeing its authenticity and trustworthiness. The partnership between Kaijuphile and Skreeonk will result in an eventual remodeling of the KFM where fans can register and submit their own items for sale/trade, eliminating the wait time for items to be posted. Send an email to if you’ve got some stuff to sell,  and click on the graphic to the right or above to visit the Marketplace.



     Entertainment Earth is fast becoming one of the top retailers of Godzilla merchandise online, and with a large array of X-Plus reissues and colorful vinyls to choose from (among many other things) – we’ve come to recommend their selection 100%! EE is also home to many upcoming exclusive vinyls and G-Merch, so be sure to check the site often for solid prices on excellent kaiju goods. They carry everything from S.H. Monsterarts and X-Plus to NECA, Bandai, Marmit, and M1 – so if you want it, EE has it!



If you have any press inquiries, are interested in becoming a contributor to the site, or an affiliate with and the KFN, please contact Jon at



  1. Hi guys!

    “Bravo” for your blog! It’s awesome! Kaijus rules!
    I’m a young designer from France (“sacrebleu!!” x) sorry for my english level folks!) and I had made a kaiju shirt design for threadless, a goofy tribute to three classic monsters… I think you can enjoy it 😉
    Please take a look here:

    And here is my comics artist blog:

    Thank you in advance to have reading me and thank you again for this cool blog! I’m a huge kaiju and vintage vinyl toy fan so it’s a pleasure to read you 🙂

    Best wishes and long live your blog!


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