Today’s Quick Pick is brought to you by FACT:

If this man, surrounded by eccentric actors in orange jumpers and sweaty men in rubber monster/alien suits, hadn’t been so damn brilliantly-crazy – this website would not exist. And you would not know what the word Kaiju means.


If you don’t know the name Eiji Tsuburaya, you know his work. He is, among many things, the creator of Ultraman, and responsible for the way Godzilla would be portrayed for a full five decades. The man was one of a kind.

The picture above is of Tsuburaya (stoic, glasses-wearing figure) surrounded by the cast of one of his most beloved creations.

Beyond that, I’ll leave the familiarizing to the experts. Oh, and buy this book if you’re truly interested:

“ET:MOM” (what an acronym!) is a thorough, entertaining book written by one of our fandom’s greatest contributors, August Ragone. This is no paid promotion on our part – it’s simply a fantastic book that any fan should look into. Its pricey – but well worth it! If you’re interested, click the picture above – keeps them in stock at a decent price.

Until next time!

– Jon @ UnCanny

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