Bemular is # 22 of the Ultra-Monster series, and one of my favorite Ultraman kaiju vinyls.

This 2007 reissue of an older Bandai from 1994 is a great example of what Bandai is capable of. This figure has it all: a superb paint job, an incredibly life like & screen accurate sculpt, and above all – mass amounts of charm.

Sculpt: *****

Not much to say here, which in this case is a good thing. The sculpt is fantastic, riddled with the creases and multi-faceted scale design that the original suit boasted all those decades ago. Bemular’s flimsy arms are a bit larger and more sturdy in his Bandai counterpart – but I’ll let that one slide, as it is an improvement!

Paint: *****

The paint job on this figure is truly hard to beat. The aqua toned highlights on Bemular’s back spines is a great touch, and the gold highlight that covers most of his front side blends beautifully with the brown vinyl of the figure. Bemular’s claws are painted a nice, deep chocolate brown – and his face is painted with detain and accuracy. Nicely done, Bandai!

Rarity: *

Bemular is still a newer figure on the market, and can be found by anyone looking for one. They seem to be available still in quite the quantity. No sweat there.

Price: $10.99 – $16.99

This particular figure sells for what he should – adjusted retail price. He’s not rare in any form, just an obscure kaiju that most causal fans won’t be familiar with. Expect a decent $18-20 with shipping.

Worth it?

I would certainly hope so! As mentioned, Bemular is not a household name as far as giant monsters are concerned, but he is a classic none the less. After all, Bemular was the first enemy Ultraman ever fought! Therefore, he truly deserves such a splendid figure. Five Stars!


Jon @ UnCanny

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