Its Mecha-Friday! Today’s arrivals consist of a 2001 Marmit Para Baby Mogera and a 2003 Marmit Monster Heaven WCC Show Exclusive Kiryu. Both in glorious, ridiculous technicolor!

First came the printer... then the iPod... then Mogera... and now KIRYU!

Both arrived in their bags with headers, but I’m just not the type of lad who keeps his little robotic friends sealed away in plasticy prisons!

The Para Baby Mogera is a treat: The vinyl is a unique shade of olive green, and he’s highlighted with a metallic sheen of silver & magenta. And who could resist those big, yellow eyes? Speaking of yellow…

Kiryu is always a beast. He is one of the most impressive designs to ever spawn from Toho Studios, and every figure made of this guy reminds the world of this very fact. Here, we have one of the most unique Kiryu figures Ive ever seen – as is often the case with show exclusives. This big guy is made of neon yellow vinyl (which looks crazy-groovy in person), with highlights of metallic silver, blue, and tints of red here and there. His right arm comes with the knife extension seen in the movie – and is highlighted in a blood-like red spray. This, apparently, went along with the blood on the chest of a similar exclusive Godzilla figure that was offered at the same show. There was a version without the knife/blood as well. I’m not sure which one is the more rare of the two, but either way – they’re both pretty fantastic. The other color variations of the figure include the standard blue, a black/silver mix, and a jet black superfest exclusive. Originally, before the figure became several show exclusive variants, it was a Marmit Mail Away figure in 2003 – sporting a metallic blue body with yellow, silver, and purple highlights. An awesome vinyl, indeed.

Back to the PB Mogera – check out that Missile Launcher! As is customary with Para Baby figures, Mogera comes with a little accessory – and in this case its a JSDF Missle Launching Military Vehicle. Its simplistic, but a nice bonus none the less.

According to ClubTokyo, this is the silver variant of the PB Mogera figure. Yes, I am sighting CT twice in this article, but who wouldnt? If you’ve got a question about vinyl kaiju – Club Tokyo has the answer! A fandom treasure they are – and we here in the KFN salute you! And besides… if you’re going to get information from somewhere, you better cite your sources.

All in all, these are two excellent additions to my collection and a couple of great ways to kick off this new string of articles! I shall call it… FigureFacts! And not Figure Facts, but FigureFacts – one word. Because its trendy. Ciao!

– Jon @ UnCanny

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