King Caesar is a tough Bandai to nail. He's either expensive, or decently affordable. There's either several on the market, or none at all. Illusive, just like his film counterpart!

This particular King Caesar figure is the most widely known from Bandai, but certainly not their best figure of the guardian beast. Produced in 1998, King Caesar was a recent 2011 purchase for me.  This version of the mammalian golem is part of one of Bandai’s most famous runs of figures  – the Godzilla Island/Toho Kaiju series. He resembles the 1993 8″ figure from Bandai – same paint scheme (or lack thereof) and all. I love him as a Kaiju (he’s one of my favorites), but the figure just isn’t attractive enough for me to shell out the price he so often demands. I finally nailed one down at a decent price – and I’m glad I did. He’s a must for any avid kaiju collector, simply for the figure’s nostalgic value and recognition within the fandom.

Sculpt: **

Beyonce called. She wants ‘dat booty back.

Its a better idea to check out the photo I’ve provided to the right, and form your own opinion. King Caesar, as many would say, has a bit too much junk in his trunk… I’m not sure if that is supposed to be excess fur or what – either way the sculpt is pretty haphazard. This figure itself is not to blame – its based of the 8″ figure produced in 1993. Regardless, step it up Bandai!

Paint: *

The paint job on this figure doesnt really exist. Caesar is painted with three colors: Red on his head-jewel and eyes (neither of which being screen-accurate), gold on his shoulder and tail tip fur, and white/silver on his teeth and claws. The rest of this figure, as you can see, is left the deep flesh colored vinyl it was molded in. And you can clearly see areas that should be painted gold, representing fur. All of this would be fixed in a superior repaint of this figure in 2003.

Rarity: ***

King Caesar is on the market, he’s just not cheap. As of 2011, eBay has a steady supply, as well as most large kaiju vinyl figures on the Marketplace.

Price: $40 – $80

With a tag, this guy sells from $65 and up. Without, you can pick one up for around $40, give or take a few bucks each way. Generally, they’re sold for a flat rate between $45 and $55 without-tag.

Worth it?

If you’re a “collector” like me, and not just someone who likes Bandais (yes, there is a distinct difference… I’m sure there’s a definition somewhere. Probably under ‘Crazy’ in the dictionary) then absolutely. If not, honestly he’s not worth the money on appearance alone. You have to be interested in the massive amount of nostalgia this figure carries. King Caesar gets two stars based on production value alone. But make no mistake, he is still a staple of Bandai’s history.


– Jon @ UnCanny


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