Anguirus is my favorite kaiju. The bad boy pictured above is also the first Bandai I ever purchased. He means a great deal to me!

Anguirus, or Angilas (or Angurus, or Angiras, or whatever the hell you decide to call him) here is from the 1998 line of Godzilla Island figures that went along with the japanese show of the same name. Although this figure is an improvement over the previous Anguirus bandai’s – there’s still a bit left to be desired. And forgive me – I’ll try not to be biased for this review, considering this is the first Bandai I ever purchased.

Sculpt: **

Now here’s where the problem starts. Ang’s head is great, it captures his grimace and demeanor perfectly – and the scale texture is right. The rest of the figure, however, is in need of some work. The body, legs, and tail are sculpted with skin that resembles the golden scales of Ghidorah… Anguirus is covered in these odd, diamond dragon scales that don’t really match up with any of the physical attributes of Ang on screen. His spiked carapace also seems to represent what the actual suit featured, rather than replicating. I would have given this overall figure a *** for sculpting, but the proportions are quite off – and the shape of Ang’s back legs is rather… blase’.

Paint: ***

Overall, Ang is the right color – so thats a good thing, right? The gold color chosen for his spikes and spines, though, is a little jarring – and is simply sprayed onto the back and tail – leaving no exposed brown scales inbetween. The classic bandai ‘toe spray’ trait is also present here, where the color from the digit claws has been sprayed onto the hands and feet as well. Not to mention the odd black rings around Ang’s elbows – check those suckers out… what is that all about? They did, however, manage to make the overall look of the figure rather attractive and eye catching – something that bumps this figures paint rating up to a firm three stars.

Rarity: ***

The Godzilla Island repaint of Anguirus is getting rarer with age – but isn’t impossible to find. Given that this is the best Showa Anguirus bandai available, fans have a tendency to snatch them up once made available. But no worries – I don’t think most collectors are as attached to theirs as I am to mine, so you should be able to find one after some shopping around. These guys are, after all, a staple of the eBay Godzilla market – and many paint variations have been released.

Price: $24.99 – $35.99

Grabbing an Anguirus of your own won’t break the bank, but don’t expect anything south of $22 or $26 dollars without the tag. With the tag, you’re looking at the mid thirties, even up into a $40 price range.

Worth it?

This is easily Bandai’s best Anguirus to date. For that reason alone, yes, this figure is worth it. But outside of that – this decent figure earns a decent score – a “solid but not that great” Two and a half Stars.





– Jon @ UnCanny

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