He’s shiny! He’s bendable! He’s BACK!

Minya's a BAMF in training.

Sweet Zeus, I am a sucker for anything Jet Jaguar. When Toy Vault began their plush line, I was ecstatic. I bought their Heisei style Godzilla, Ghidorah, Mothra, 50th anniversary Godzilla, Minya, Anguirus, Gigan, Megalon, Baragon, Rodan, SD Godzilla – all as they came out. And then they just kept coming. Some really cool ones were produced later on, like Titanosaurus and SpaceGodzilla, but at that point I had filled my plush quota, I suppose. I didn’t feel like shelling out $40 for a stuffed animal. And they’re still coming out with these things! Ebirah, Gabarah, Battra Imago & Larvae, Biollante, and even Godzooky from the 70’s animated series have received plush makeovers. Others, like Showa MechaGodzilla, were announced but still haven’t seen a release.

Luckily that wasnt the case with JJ here.

The best thing about this guy is his price. He’s selling for $24 average, and wont cost more than $30 with shipping from most places (Toy Vault’s recommended price is $29.99, but hardly any shops are selling him at this price). All around, though, this plush rendition of Jet Jaguar is pretty fantastic. I never, in all my years thought that I would have a Jet Jaguar plush! Its just cool that he even exists! Toy Vault even went the extra mile and made JJ poseable in his arms and legs, something that bumps this collectible up to 200% in coolness. Here’s what the tag looks like – original art from what I can tell:

 The back reads “A robot created by mankind, Jet Jaguar is a courageous and faithful ally to Godzilla, King of the Monsters! In times of trouble, Jet Jaguar is driven by bravery, never admitting defeat in his quest to protect peace for all. With fully bendable arms and legs, Jet Jaguar is always ready to pose or fight for the safety of everyone on Earth.

Its an odd tag. It gets the job done, but it has this odd “All American Hero” vibe to it – like Godzilla is “presenting” JJ for a military showing or something, as U.S. star shaped fireworks shoot in the background… Is that just me? Maybe they’re pushing the whole hero angle real hard with Jet Jaguar here. After all, Toy Vault is a U.S. company.

JJ isnt all sunshine and rainbows, as his color scheme and I would lead you to believe, though. The face/helmet is a very odd shape and his nose is huge, but its not that bad. Its a pretty decently made plush for a collector, but I dont see him holding up too long in the hands of small children. He is, however, very soft and cuddly – and the perfect size for any young fan to snuggle up with. I better change the subject before I go impregnate my girlfriend. The thought of having a little me running around with a JJ plush is too purely awesome to shake off. Anyway. I’ll leave you guys with one more picture of this awesome Jet Jaguar collectible. Enjoy!

– Jon @ UnCanny

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