Hey everyone, Jon @ UnCanny here!

Over the course of this year, the Kaiju Fan Marketplace has truly grown. I’ve gone from listing just a few items a week to literally sifting through a dozen emails a day – and its all for you guys! The KFM is completely non-profit, and I’m running it for the fandom – so make sure you buy stuff! If you want to say thank you, make a small donation on the according KFM page.

Mike Johnson, head honcho of Club Tokyo, sent me a good four dozen or so listings for the Marketplace. Like always, everything he’s listed is incredibly fair priced and can’t be found anywhere else! Be sure to check out all of his listings HERE. And I still have more to put up!

I’ve been incredibly busy with the Marketplace these past two weeks, so Skreeonk.com has taken a bit of a back-seat. But not to worry! Many, many things are in the horizon. I have a review for the original Ultraman TV series by a KFNetwork member to post here soon, as well as a massive figure/toy/vinyl database that will be taking off very soon!

Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny

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