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At this point in time we are all at least somewhat familiar with the troubled tale of Media Blaster’s Godzilla vs Megalon DVD release. It hath been a long and irksome venture for the boyos over at MB – but their time has come! has backed the August 14th release date as officially official! More importantly, our fandom now has proof of the product itself. The following photo is courtesy of Keith Aiken, and was shared with us crazy collectors in the GCG on good ol’ Facebook:


Kaiju Master Artist and all-around fan favorite fandom painter Bob Eggleton had this to say on Media Blaster’s troubled release:

It’s for real. It is also the best we are going to get due to the massive hold ups on any “extras”. But that said, this has the full movie, in both Japanese and the International English dub which many of us have known over the years. MB just wanted to get the ball rolling with a product.

Media Blaster’s release has stumbled for over a year now, mostly due to rights claims over special features and behind the scenes contents. Toho is incredibly strict with their properties, and makes sure they get every dime for anything that is released to the public. If Media Blasters wants the entire package, Toho will make sure they pay for it.Yet as Mr. Eggleton says, we are 100% seeing a release, and with both the international/English and Japanese versions intact! That is something to celebrate in itself!

ScifiJapan also has an exclusive look at the full cover art for Media Blaster’s Godzilla vs Megalon release. I must say, it is indeed as good as it gets:

The above DVD art was released exclusively with SciFiJapan - so a huge thank you to the amazing guys over at that site!
The above DVD art was released exclusively with SciFiJapan – so a huge thank you to the amazing guys over at that site!

….I haven’t forgotten the first headline!

Previewed in my last article, X-Plus is releasing some incredible sculpts this year. Titanosaurus is gorgeous, and we also have some superb looking Destroy All Monsters Godzilla and Anguirus 25cm sculpts headed our way. Well, here’s the latest…

A new 25cm DAM Gorosaurus Sculpt is on the way! I am loving the pose! The Minya above is apparently an exclusive with the 25cm Godzilla when ordered from a specific site. More details on that as they become available.

Now, of course, this raises the question… what other DAM monsters will we see in scale? Rodan? Mothra Larva? Kumonga? And dare I dream it… Ghidorah!? Only time will tell!

The Media Blasters’ Godzilla vs Megalon is available for preorder over at – Make sure to purchase yours and support all of the effort they’ve put into this gift of a release.

Until next time, True Believers!


Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Well I knew the Gorosaurus was gonna be coming soon but DAM I didn’t realize it was gonna happen this fast! And to answer your question, the next release which was actually the other figure announced along side the Gorosaurus release is going to be a 25cm Varan! So that is probably gonna be what comes next the 25cm line and I couldn’t be happier!!!

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