Good evening, all. Jon @ UnCanny here!

I’ve recently become comfortable in my new job – and with disposable income (for this crazed collector) comes new Kaiju Vinyls! I’ve purchased an alarming amount of vinyls recently, and snapped quite a few pictures of them that I thought I’d share. Below are some of my favorites – You can find a gallery including many, many more photos at the bottom of the post. Hope you enjoy!







More to come!

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. I’m curious as to where you shop for your kaijiu figures? I deal with some Japanese vendors, includiing Hobby Search, Amiami and Big in Japan, and Clawmark a few times. Many of these vendors don’t seem to get the Marmit and M-1 vinyls. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Hey, Tim!

      The best thing you can possibly do in this fandom is network with other collectors, especially those who live in or have direct links to Japan. We’re a small fandom in comparison to most – and the more you begin to inquire/trade/talk sales with others, the more opportunities will arise!

      Check the Stores and Merchants page above for some places that sell similar items.

      Hope that helps,


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