Happy Tuesday, all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

Barron Christopher, a member of the Godzilla Collector’s Group, has brought IMDB’s latest Godzilla update to our attention. It seems that the production’s crew is really shaping up, and we have an exciting addition that should boost some confidence into the film. Christopher had the following to say:

Over on IMDB there is now a Cinematographer listed for Godzilla. It is Seamus McGarvey the same guy who did the cinematography on The Avengers. It looks like the Production Crew is really starting to take shape and I expect in the upcoming months more people being added to the crew and casting to probably start late 2012/early 2013.

Sounds great to me. The Avengers had some pretty top-notch cinematography, and also featured kaiju-like warships smashing through New York City. Good Practice? I think so! More as it becomes available!


Jon @ UnCanny

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