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Two things – a video interview with Marusan owner Eiji Kaminaga (screen capture above by yours truly) has surfaced in which he talks of new toys that will be released in anticipation of the 2014 Legendary Pictures film. He also states that, according to sources, Godzilla’s opponent will indeed be an insect – hence his new Megalon variants! In the interview, Kaminaga states that he clearly does not have the definitive word on exactly what the new Godzilla opponent will be, but is basing his newest releases on all the information he has received. Whether or not this is based on speculation from the SDCC trailer, or if he has other sources is unknown – but we will keep you updated either way!

UPDATE: Marusan has a press release out for the figures, with all the info we need on them. The translation is rough, but here it is:

Height: 23cm approx

6,300 ($ 4.99 shipping) ¥ 
If you would like, it takes 250 yen COD shipping fee separately.

(C) 1954,2012 TOHO CO., LTD.

◆ 2014 60th anniversary from disclosure “Godzilla” the first work in 1954, something comes from Hollywood! 
So, Marchand is a pioneer in toy Godzilla did expect this figure boldly Anniversary Godzilla. 
It is the old and new original Godzilla is glowing a dull metallic brown to pink color molding. 
I emphasize the likeness of the century monster king golden highlights of each part. 
And true picture of Godzilla 2014, which is rumored to recall the silhouette of the original Godzilla is really …! ?

Kaijumonster.com has the following photos and info on the beautiful new Marusan figures, which you can also see in the video interview above:

The new Godzilla movie will release somewhere 2014! I, for one, look forward to that. Godzilla and his insect enemys will be based on the 1954 Godzilla movie. If the story’s will be similair also is uncertain. Marusan will release these awesome kaiju somewhere soon! Godzilla and Megaro!

Update September 3rd 2012: [First two figures] are available, here!
 marusan megaro 2014marusan godzilla2014marusan_godzilla_2014_blackmarusan_godzilla_2014_bluemarusan_godzilla_2014_brownmarusan_megaro_2014_bluemarusan_megaro_2014_brownmarusan_megaro_2014_green

More info as it becomes available!

Jon @ UnCanny

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