Hello all, Jon @ UnCanny here with some damn good news! Lets jump straight to the meat, shall we!?

From Keith Aiken:

“We’ve received some emails asking about the Amazon.com listing for an ULTRA SEVEN Complete Series DVD set from Shout! Factory. This set is a real release and is scheduled for December. It is licensed from UM Inc., a Japanese company affiliated with the Thai company, Chaiyo, who has been in a legal dispute with Tsuburaya Pro over the rights to some of the early Ultra series. The legal battles have been fought in multiple countries with Tsuburaya winning in court… except in Japan. This has allowed Chaiyo/UM to license ULTRA SEVEN for DVD in America. The good news is that this series will finally get released on DVD and, knowing Shout, they’ll do a great job with the materials they were given. The downside is Tsuburaya is not involved, no one who made ULTRA SEVEN is involved, and Shout will not have access to any of the original TPC materials from this show. I wish this was a fully authorized Tsuburaya release but that won’t happen until TPC chooses to fight Chaiyo/UM’s efforts in the US and deal directly with American distributors themselves.”


I personally can’t wait to own this, and finally finish the series! Pre-order yours on Amazon today – the set ships in December 2012!

Jon @ UnCanny

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