And that only includes the ones I’ve listed in the past 24 hours!

The KFM is literally busting at the seams with excellent deals just a’waiting to be had! Want some rare Marmit Vinyl Paradise Gamera foes for only $35 shipped a piece!? You got it! How about some extremely rare vintage Bullmarks, or brand new in bag Giant B-Club Ultraman foes? No problem! Oh, whats that? You’d prefer some new highly articulated figures of awesomeness? How about some Kaiyodo Revoltechs and excellent Bandai Ultra-Act figures? We have those, too!

Be sure to check the listings for all of the above – and use the big, bright and friendly category buttons on the righthand side to find what you’re looking for. The Bandai section of the Marketplace is chocked full of newly listed theater exclusives, extremely rare boxed sets, and all the 6″ and 8″ scale figures you could possibly ask for! Our M1 Go section is overflowing with new bagged figures from Mike Johnson of Club Tokyo – and we have quite the killer selection of Marmits as well.

Hop on over to the Marketplace by clicking the link to the right, or the photo in the left of this article! For suggestions on where to start, check out the Categories to Shop By page!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!


Jon @ UnCanny


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