Happy November everyone – or better yet – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG G!

The King of the Monsters turns 58 today! Well, in human years that is. Fans all around the world will be celebrating by watching the films, discussing the character’s rich history, and – most of all – posing their vinyl figures! What a fandom, indeed.

Godzilla has incorporated many roles into his diverse film career – embodying everything from the bringer of nuclear holocaust to Earth’s mightiest defender. Over the years, his appearance has altered drastically to fit each role. Today, as we celebrate each incarnation of our most beloved of monsters, one question burns through my mind… Which one is your favorite?

In celebration of Godzilla’s Birthday, I’ve taken it upon myself to create an official “Which Godzilla Is Your Favorite?” Birthday Poll! Lets spread the word and get as many votes as we can – this may prove very interesting!

Happy Birthday, Big G!

Jon @ UnCanny


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