Happy Monday, all! Jon @ UnCanny here.

David_StrathairnDespite it being Monday and all, I do have some rather good news for everyone. An extremely talented actor, David Strathairn, has been confirmed by Variety to be in talks for Legendary’s GODZILLA reboot. He’s joining the ranks of Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen – and Bryan Cranston. The article and its reps seem to confirm that Cranston is indeed still in talks to join the flic. I really hope he is involved – Cranston has an enormous presence on screen and his charged performances in the recent Argo and (of course) Breaking Bad make him a perfect fit for the volatile, gritty world Gareth Edwards seems to be painting for his reboot.

Strathairn is also known for strong performances in films with similar tones – such as the Bourne films and the recent Lincoln (in which he was rather fantastic). If all four of these actors end up signing on the dotted line, I’d say we are on the right track for an excellent film. As Variety points out, Legendary does have an excellent track record with ensemble casting (Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy being a shining example).

I’ve included a gallery of the known cast members below – just to give you an idea of what the cast may end up looking like. As always we’ll keep you updated – Until next time!

UPDATE: Comicbookmovie.com has posted photos of both Cranston and Johnson arriving on set in Vancouver – confirming their involvement! You can check out both photos HERE!

Jon @ UnCanny

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