UPDATE (05/23/13): An entirely new slew of photos hit the web today – all depicting a trashed Japanese fishing village  and – wait for it – tiny Japanese school children fleeing for their lives! The news just keeps getting better and better. You can check out the full gallery of images HERE at Comic Book Movie – I’ve posted a few of the most interesting below:




Not much to report here, so I’ll keep it brief. Legendary has tweeted this behind the scenes photo of some very official looking paperwork:

55816L(Click to enlarge)

In addition, several set photos hit the net today showing soldiers transporting an interesting looking nuclear warhead on the British Colombia set. Here’s the most revealing of the shots:


Both images have been added to our official gallery page HERE. More as it happens!

Jon @ UnCanny

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  1. Thank you for being on top of this for all the Godzilla fans. I’m sure I’m not the only one who counts you as a real treasure for all that you do for us here. Tell THAT to your little sister(preferably while wearing your Captain Kirk outfit)!

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