Hola, all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

First off – I apologize for the lack of… well, anything  frankly. I’ve been away on a two week vacation and BOY do we have all sorts of stuff to catch up on. Unfortunately, that will all have to wait – as I have been thrown straight back into the ol’ grind and am leaving for work as I fleetingly type!

Yet before I go, I had to share this pretty spectacular licensing banner for GODZILLA with you guys – just spotted at the Licensing expo!

N4gF10T(Click for full size! Check out the original source and tons of other cool licensing banners at COMINGSOON.net)

I’ll be back in full force ASAP, I promise! I’ve got all sorts of Collector’s news to catch up on, as well as set photos for the new film – and plenty of goodies to add to the Marketplace!

Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny

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