Hello fellow fans, hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Jon @ UnCanny here.

First off – this will be the last time I mention or apologize for the lack of updates here on the site. I am currently in the process of bringing some great people on board as administrators to help keep the site up to date with news, articles, photos – and so very much more! Keep your fingers crossed, I hope it all pans out!

And MAN is there a ton of collecting news as of late. Bandai’s MonsterArts line is in full swing, with the release of their MosuGoji fast approaching – and the announcement of Kiryu – and of course Biollante’s fruition! You can preorder their massive Biollante figure at Toyfreakz.com (as well as plenty of other sites). US retail is averaging $210-$245. Thats a hefty price tag, but this thing is enormous. Just in case you missed the official photos SciFiJapan has some excellent high res images and full specs. Click THIS LINK or the picture below to check them out.


In other news, Kaiju No Mura hit Facebook with some excellent new Marmit Pre Orders today. Marmit.co.jp will be taking preorders for these new figures of Mirrorman, Baltan, Dogu, Martian, Femigon, and more! Check ’em out!

Godzilla merchandise is already on the rise thanks to Legendary’s desire to market their Godzilla film, and we can only expect more! Get excited, yes?


Jon @ UnCanny



  1. Hi,
    How do I order these—the site is all in Japanese. I want the “Mysterious Clay figure.” Is there a US distributor? I’ve never done this before. Thanks.

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