I don’t know about the rest of you guys – but it has been perpetually raining here in Nashville for what seems like weeks now. It is nasty, gloomy, and all around just wet. Everywhere. I never thought I’d say this, but Hot Topic has come to the rescue with a little ray of sunshine through all these clouds – and its an official picture of their soon-to-come GODZILLA T-Shirt. And as the title of this article says, its badass!

UPDATE: Well I’ll be damned! I literally just noticed that you can see Godzilla’s silhouette within the letters of his name! I wonder if this comes from any actual production art. I doubt it, but if so, looks like we’ll be seeing a Crouching Goji Hidden Biped in the film. See what I did there?


The shirt features the excellent logo for Legendary’s new film, and it looks great on an all-black tee. I don’t know why it hasnt been discussed more, but this logo has been around since the film amped up into pre-production, and they did a damn fine job with it. The english lettering is bold and very stern, while the accenting of Gojira’s true Japanese name in blood red really sells it as a whole. This honestly means a lot to me, as it shows just how much Legendary and the team behind this film really care for the source material. The first attempt at an American Godzilla film (which is so infamous in its own right, I know I don’t need to discuss it in detail) ran so far and so fast from all of the titular character’s Japanese heritage. It is very reassuring to me that this new picture seems to be embracing everything we love about the original franchise- right from the get-go.

Its hard to believe, but we are already half way through 2013 – and Legendary’s GODZILLA hits theatres in less than a year. Here’s to hoping Comic-Con has something for us in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, True Believers!

Jon @ UnCanny


    • Haha! We all do! Unfortunately, this picture is all the info we have on the shirt. I’m sure they’ll be up for sale before long. When I find a price, you know I’ll pass it along!

      Also – is everyone noticing Godzilla’s silhouette within his name!?

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