UPDATE: A member over at TohoKingdom forums known as Godzilla 1986 has bought a ticket to the first scheduled SDCC Godzilla Event! Here’s what he had to say:

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Post Re: GODZILLA at San Diego Comic Con 2013
Got tickets for 7:30 wednesday night and the app. I’m curious as to how this will all work. There was a consent thing near the bottom of the purchase page that warned people that the event will have intense lighting, strobe lights, low visibility, and sudden and surprising physical events. Sounds kind of like a tour ride or something, which is pretty nice.

My initial hunch was correct – this is indeed going to be an “event”, not just a screening! Recent rumors have pointed to these scheduled reveals as including a “hologram”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these lucky members were treated to an entertainment experience the likes of which no one has experienced before – surrounded by real-time destruction effects – only to come face to face with a lifesize Godzilla hologram by the end! I’m calling it now – lets see how it all pans out.

Make sure you download the official GEncounters app for your phone as well (for mac or google/android phones) to stay up to date on the events – and even add G-themed effects to your photos! The app is available to the right on the main GEncounters site.


I just posted an article – but I think I posted too soon!

I’ve been doing some digging and keeping an eye on Godzillaencounter.com – and I just cracked their latest bit of viral marketing.

The site has thrown up a new geiger counter graphic – and it  includes some subliminal messaging. All of their recent posts have pointed toward Godzilla making his way to the California coast – and he will indeed reach San Diego soon – in just two days. Here’s how I know:


The above image is a freezeframe I managed to capture of the subliminal message – and it pans out to THIS LINK – which takes you to a sub outlet of ticketleap.com. This new page then explains that people who hold a SDCC badge will be able to buy tickets to GODZILLA ENCOUNTERS on specific dates  – the first of which is Wednesday. Here’s the rest:


If you or anyone you know will be at the San Diego Comic Con at these times – MAKE IT HAPPEN! SDCC appears to be planning large events where audiences will indeed have an encounter with the new Godzilla. My imagination is running wild – I’m sure its going to be something quite incredible. If you have a SDCC badge then get a ticket and be the first to see the new Godzilla! The rest of us will eagerly be awaiting his arrival – and eventual reveal.

Exciting times to be a fan, eh?

Jon @ UnCanny

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