Bandai/Tamashii is on fire! They’ve released two new sculpts this week – MireGoji and Heisei Mothra! Milenium Godzilla is based on the famous maquette sculpt immortalized in concept art and the ever popular Banpresto figure. I actually really like the look of this figure – definitely picking one up when it hits. Heisei Mothra looks just as we’d expect, and will be released next year to coincide with their new Battra sculpt as well. With Mothra, SHMA has nearly completed the Heisei series of monsters. Check out the photos below:






We’ve also got some great new shots of the 1964 Godzilla. This intricate yet highly poseable figure is scheduled to hit retailers at the end of this month/August. It seems Bandai keeps prolonging the release, but with Summer coming to a close we should expect it soon. Check out the full gallery at for a ton more excellent shots. We’ve also posted some size comparison photos below, so you can see how this new sculpt sizes up to Tamashii’s previous MogeGoji and a Revoltech Gigan. But first up, the box art!



Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Hey Jon, I live a hr away from Nashvegas, graduated from nashville state tech up there and played about every bar and dive in town for 8 yrs with my original band Inglewood. Never had a G-fan that lives that close to me lol. Maybe we can hang-out one day trade sum figs(i could get u a list) or mayb get a lil’ group of buddies up to go watch the Legendary G? Now on the the post….cool, now we can get into the showa series!! Can u imagine a Gorosaurus that u can put in the kangaroo kick pose!? would be better if we hada Ghidorah 64′ to put him behind tho ha! I am a X-plus nut but I think I am gonna crack and start getting into the SH line……

    P.S. I checked on the X-Plus GMK Goji and the Gargantua brothers set are coming out Nov 27, 2013….I know what i’m gettin’ for Christmas!!—-peace

  2. Completed the Heisei series!? I think not, They still need to release a figure of Mecha-King Gidorah and Mothra and Battra’s Larva forms.

    • Hah! MKG I would understand – but we will see about the others. Perhaps a set of the two larvae together? Battra’s larvae form was enormous, though. And I don’t expect them to do every Heisei Goji suit, either. It was more a reference to the state of the toy series. Good catch, though 😉


  3. Hi Jon @ uncanny, my name is Yeeleng, and I was a huge Godzilla fans back when I was little. I wasn’t a huge fan of collecting Godzilla figures, I was a sculptor of the big G! I’ve tried so many yrs to make Godzilla models from famous godzilla sculptures like, Yuji sakai, Ts facto and much more epacially the sculptor who sculpted most of those SH Monsterarts figures. Yuji sakai aka Zokei Kobo aka Godzilla Dream, he is what my style godzilla sculptings is like and I mostly copy him and his style of sculpting Godzilla. Because as you can see on those photos of yours, those SH Monsterart godzilla figures looks real like the suit actors. But Now he’s on a role on recreating these monsters smaller size and possible and accurate enough to the film, I can finally be in PEACE by buying and enjoying those figures instead of Sculpting them myself.

  4. Hi Jon it’s me again here’s a funny story about me and that Godzilla 2000 sh Monsterarts or sh Monsterarts 3.0. When I was around my 15 to 18 yrs of age I saw for the first time that Godzilla 2000 Maquette 12 inch.”Thats” what that Godzilla 2000 pic up there was called by the way”. I was doing nothing but trying to sculpt him like 3 times in yrs after yrs. But still couldn’t make him! And like I said my sculpting skills is just as good as Yuji Sakai. I was piss so many times that I always fail trying. Later there were this thing called Godzilla Dream book which include a small godzilla 2000 maquette figure of the one I tried sculpting, but the book and the figure together was almost $200 to $300. “Whose got that much frickin money” “Really”!!!!Again me being piss off. AND NOW finally Godzilla 2000 maquette is being remade into a SH Monsterarts figure! AM I IN PEACE or WHAT!!!
    Finally I am being paid off to stop sculpting Godzilla 2000 maquette and enjoy having this Godzilla 2000 SH Monsterarts Figure. For once I can buy him and Really ENJOY having Godzilla 2000 sh monsterarts figure. A DREAM come TRUE really! Also I remember last yrs I was going to buy a Recast version Of Godzilla 2000 maquette 12 inch but still cost too much, at least $86 in Us plus shipping. Like I said This Godzilla 2000 SH Monsterarts BETTER come OUT SOON! He’s my favorite godzilla 2000. Anyways have a great day and take care bud “Later”!

    • Haha hey man, I’m so glad to hear you’re going to enjoy this figure! The maquette version is by far my favorite version of the 2000 suit as well, I really like the head and spine sculpt. Monsterarts has continued to deliver top-notch sculpting (and they should considering whos doing it!) – and I plan on picking up the G2K and the MosuGoji soon.

      Take care my friend and hope to hear from you again!


      • Yeah I really hope sh monsterarts makes most Showa Godzilla figures, Especially the Godzilla vs The Smog Monster Suit. That Suit is 1 of my most favorite of all time when i was a kid cause when I first saw that suit, the 1 thing on my mind was, he’s so skinny and his spins are so small and squash in as if he almost doesn’t have any spins at all. Everything about that Godzilla suit is so squash lol. His spins, feet, his skinniest, tail, teeth, mouth shape. And he also look like the first Ninja Turtles Movie back in the 1990s movie. Godzilla look just like Leonardo! You should look at it and compare both of them and see if you agree with me lol!! But yeah thanks for reading my long damn list of my past, must have been boring huh, we’ll u have a good day and write to u some other time buddy, take care!!!!!!!!

  5. I preordered my SHMA Godzilla 2000,along with the X-Plus Toho Monsters series Godzilla 2K,can’t wait to have them side by side!!The attention to detail is amazing,I just had to get them!!

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