Hey everyone! Jon @ UnCanny here.

CAM00649I sincerely hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season  – I’m still recovering from mine. And in such spirit, I figured what better way to start off the New Year than with a ridiculously huge sale of Kaiju Merchandise! Oh yes, I’m selling a ton of stuff at the absolute lowest prices anywhere. Boo yah.

I’d love to give each of these items their own individual post on the Marketplace – but there’s simply too many for that to happen! I can’t go commandeering my own site, now can I?

Below is a sampling of some 100 odd figures I am selling as of now! The FULL GALLERY IS AVAILABLE ON THE KFM HERE!

Shoot me an email at jonatuncanny@gmail.com for any inquiries or offers! All of these items are going for extremely low prices! If the item description includes the word “shipped”, then you’re looking at the final price. If not, I’ll ship most things to yah for $6 in the US! The more you buy, the more I’ll combine and save yah on shipping! Happy Hunting!

Remember to check the full article and listing over on the Kaiju Fan Marketplace for the complete gallery of items for sale at great prices. Expect big things coming soon as well – Legendary’s GODZILLA is only months away!

Jon @ UnCanny


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